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Great! The venue for the Shanghai Qingdao summit was built .
Release time:2018-06-15

         In June 9, 2018, the eyes of the world focused on Qingdao.

       This  day, the SCO summit in Qingdao grand opening, confident China a more  open attitude to the world at the invitation to work together to build a  closer community of human destiny, the "Shanghai spirit" has attracted  worldwide attention, "The Belt and Road initiative again all over the  world.


       While  China's wisdom, China's program and China's contribution re - affect  the world again, the Qingdao International Conference Center, the main  meeting of the China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau under the  banner of China Construction Limited by Share Ltd, is also in the eye of  the world. The building shows great power.

Behind the grand stadiums

It is the result of nearly 5000 central enterprises builders fighting day and night.

With Xiao Xin, go into their stories -

6 months supernormal speed guarantee gymnasium construction

       This is the fourth time the SCO came to its birthplace, China, and the first summit of the heads of state after the expansion of the SCO, and one of the most important two home games held in China after the nineteen.
       As the 9 million 300 thousand people of Qingdao are happy, in the area of Olympic Sailing Center, the main meeting of the Qingdao summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is quietly forming, and the builder is the construction of the "large stadium construction business" in the construction of the eight bureau.


December 4, 2017, the top of the steel structure of the project

       The main venue of the SCO Qingdao summit is located in the heart of Qingdao, located in the core area of Olympic Sailing Plaza. After completion, it will become the living room of Qingdao city and be used for a long time. The total construction area is 54 thousand. The main body on the ground is about 11000 tons of steel structure, equivalent to the weight of the 22 Qingdao landmarks, the "May wind".

       The whole project is optimized according to the principle of "one post and double matching" to ensure that the project of the main meeting of the Qingdao Shanghai up summit will be "5+2" "white plus black" and "7 x 24" hours uninterrupted and efficient operation.
            On the 8 day, all the buildings on the ground were demolished and shipped out.
                        On the 46 day, 11 thousand tons of steel structure is hoisted.
             30 days, 11 thousand square meters of curtain wall construction completed...
       The normal construction period of the project is 2 years, while the actual construction period is less than 6 months. 6 months, the important diplomatic home, which shows Chinese style, display the world level, display the style of Shandong and embody the characteristics of Qingdao, has become the backbone to ensure the smooth meeting of the summit with the rapid rise of the regular speed and quality.

The 9 story details reflect originality
       An aerial view of Qingdao, the main venue of the summit is like a stretch of wings seagull, mountain, sea, city, Hong Kong, di with each other. In the process of construction, what story,Numerous "

       1. proofing in the sea breeze"
       The project is less than 100 meters from the sea, how to overcome the wind resistance, installation of huge copper cornices? "It is not relying on the machine, in order to reduce the cumulative error, cornices must all manual installation." Technical project manager Han Liu Lin said. As a result, in the sea breeze of ten degrees below zero, project managers have confirmed, once measured and compared to each other, and have a neat and magnificent "sailing sailing".


Construction site in delta night

        2. the art works produced by the employees are put on the Shanghai main stadium.
       China Construction eight bureau decoration company environmental art director, Shanghai Wuyi labor medal winner, the 2017 "Shanghai craftsman" Jiang Bingqing design and supervision of the three pure carved lacquer works - "landscape garlic bottle" "double color peony bottle", "blooming rich bottle", was placed in Qingdao summit main meeting main meeting guest hall, the main meeting hall, the main meeting hall, Conspicuous.
       "Lacquer painting was created in the Tang Dynasty. It has the features of ancient and elegant modelling, exquisite ornamentation, moisture resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and non deformation, which have an irreplaceable role in the display of Chinese lacquer culture." Jiang Bingqing said.

       3. model in green building
       The metal roofing of the main venue has 4400 square meters, equivalent to 10 standard basketball field size of photovoltaic solar energy, the project general Yu Yong said: "roofing solar photovoltaic panels through aluminum alloy jig, stainless steel U profiles, aluminum alloy purlin fixed on the aluminum and magnesium manganese waterproof board." The use of solar energy and UPS uninterruptible power supply ensures that most of the conference facilities and other facilities operate normally even if the power fails, so that the meeting will continue to be held.

       4.The story of 12 hours and 198 steel columns
       How to complete the 11 thousand ton steel structure hoisting in 46 days? This is about a story about "108 steel pillars built in 12 hours". On October 27, 2017, at 9 o'clock on the night, 31 scooters carried steel columns to the gate of the project, stretching for 500 meters. The project department immediately decided that 8 car cranes were discharged smoothly, the components were unloaded near the car, and the water was hoisted. A manager was arranged every 30 meters, and communication was communicated through the interphone. The unloading was completed at 2 a.m.; the first steel column was assembled at 6 a.m.; at 9 a.m. on the second day, all the 198 steel columns at the first floor were installed.


Steel structure hoisting

       5. of the most and most of the speed
       Walk into the hall of one floor of the stadium, the ceiling of the warm color ceiling, and use the nine as the base to separate, the 81 caisson, decorated with the design, meaning the "nine to one". Each well weighed 560 Jin and was hoisted vertically by 4 wire ropes with a diameter of only 8 millimeters. The scaffold was pushed by 8 workers and 3 workers mounted on the roof of 16 meters. "It took us 5 days to complete the installation, which is the maximum weight of the unit diameter wire rope hoisting and the most lifting speed." Wang Lianzheng, the deputy manager of the project, introduced it.
       6. forging, the continuation of the Millennium process
       As early as Shang and Zhou dynasties, people could make bronze ware by hammering. This is the forerunner of forging skills. In the welcoming hall and the main hall, the gourmet grain chisel copper plate is made by this technique. It takes 10 years for the forging process to come out, and these chisel boards are all percussive masters with 20 years of experience.

       7. million 210 thousand crystal balls, 80 people, 15 days
       "Heavy platform hook is still Pavilion, Ganquan remittance sea eight square virtuous". In the bilaterally conference rooms and multi-function rooms, crystal ceiling is used, and a total of 210 thousand crystal balls are hung manually by hand. Thread and hang up, 80 people, 15 days, in order to achieve crystal lamp exquisite and neat, beautiful.


                                               Artificial installation of crystal ball
       8. trace gold, "one pencil" of traditional art
       At the top of the conference room, the shape of the lamp is "jade" as the main body. It is called "long superimposed jade". It symbolizes the collection of wisdom, the win-win situation, the interlocking and the endless life. The gold ornaments of these lamps are traced by artisans who have more than ten years' hand painting skills.
       9. "smells" over 10 times more than national standards
       The national standard for indoor formaldehyde content is less than 0.1mg/, and the main meeting team of the Qingdao Shanghai up summit is not more than 0.01-0.03 mg/, more than 10 times more than the national standard. Li Dong, a project worker, shoulders the heavy burden of indoor odor management. In addition to checking ventilation, the new wind system, active carbon, etc., he heard to hear and smell in every corner of the day, he said, "in the future you who home decoration will find me, a few hundred kinds of decoration materials, I know that the environmental protection can not reach the standard."


Six months
Innumerable details
Cast the main field of great power diplomacy
This is not only the embodiment of the spirit of the craftsman.
More is the strength and responsibility of the "capital construction maniac"

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